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Safety pool covers are the jack-of-all-trades in pool safety systems. They can do it all, from providing safety from unforeseen accidents to keeping your pool safe from falling debris and limiting the growth of algae.

At Nathan's Pool Fences, we pride ourselves in providing the best and most tested pool covers on the market at Brea’s lowest prices. We have standard pool covers in four styles and we can customize covers for uniquely shaped pools.

Our properly fitting pool covers are designed to take the weather and keep out unwanted elements that could damage or stain your pool. They will keep out intruders and prevent the accidental drowning of children who may be lured to the water while you are away. They can also withstand thousands of pounds of pressure.

You can depend on the specialists at Nathan's Pool Fences to provide you with the pool cover you want in a size and shape that will perfectly fit. Our standard pool covers come in four shapes to fit almost any size of pool. The shapes will cover straight rectangles and those with steps in the center or to the left or right. Just pick your size.

If your pool has its own design, our specialists will come and take precise measurements so we can fabricate a cover that will provide the protection you want for your family and the pool water. Your new pool cover is an investment in safety and security that will last up to 15 years.

For pool covers that will last the test of time and protect your pool and your people, contact us today at Nathan's Pool Fences in Brea.